Childhood photos of Toby Carlson.

Some people ask if I love what I do ?

The answer is unequivocally yes!

In my earlier years I even grew up thinking my last name was PRECAST! My first few toys were cranes, construction sets and trains.

I grew up in Kings Park where my great grandfather Andrew L. Carlson farmer/contractor helped found the Kings Park Fire department, my grandfather Henry L. Carlson invented the Precast Cesspool and our family was one of the largest private employers in the Town. Industry as a whole was appreciated in my early years and in general it was recognized as the cornerstone of community development. Without the trades – construction, landscaping, recycling, transportation – our communities would not exist as they do today.

It would seem as time goes on there is less appreciation for what we do and the services we provide, yet it is an undeniable fact that what we do (the dirty work) is still a vital and critical part of society. Every day we work, we take care of the trash, the waste, the recycling, the building, the demolition and the transportation of all the goods people need and want.

I appreciate my job and I appreciate the employees that I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. I appreciate our customers who daily do the landscaping, construction, hauling, building and demolition; who tirelessly work to serve the community. So yes, I love what I do!

— Toby Carlson

Childhood photos of Toby Carlson.