In the barnyard?

I have read a lot of letters this month from residents who are concerned over potential project impacts. I am looking forward to the Issuance of the Environmental Assessment so we can all get some scientific answers to some truly important questions.

On a personal level, I am continually surprised by the Townline Assoc. In their most recent letter the author writes:

“a nuisance may be the right thing in the wrong place — like a pig in a parlor instead of a barnyard”

To this I would offer the following thoughts: it is a well known fact that waste facilities are in vital need across our Island, especially in light of the eminent closure of the Brookhaven Landfill. Waste facilities belong in Industrial areas and most of them – if not all of them – share borders with communities in some way.

I have included below the Townline Association letter (including picture) along with a picture of our proposed facility location (bottom left) and an active waste rail transfer station (bottom right) in another Long Island community which is bordered by a large residential community.

I’m not sure I would consider “pigs, barnyards and parlors” as part of your argument points as some communities might consider that offensive, I know I do! All communities should be responsible for their own waste. I would even guess those communities would feel the same way.

Perspective is everything!

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— Toby Carlson