The Carlson Family & Kings Park

Andrew Carlson emigrated from Sweden to Kings Park as a solo, fourteen year old immigrant in 1884. He saved his money to buy a truck and started out in farming, but then moved into the contracting and building supplies business. He started out in Andrew incorporated his business in 1930, around the time his sons joined him in his work. Andrew Carlson passed away in 1934, but the business continued. Through the 1950s, his sons were building stores and homes, and operating in coal, feed, hay, oil, lumber, hardware, excavating, and contracting.

One of the most notable contributions that the business made – the precast drain ring – was patented by Henry L. Carlson in 1947. Until then, drainage pools were made of concrete block and were labor intensive and dangerous to construct, and vulnerable to cave-ins. The precast drain ring was a solid concrete form, making it easier and safer to install.

Henry L. Carlson, Andrew Carlson, Henry B. Carlson, circa 1960
Concrete block drainage pool (left) and precast drain ring developed 1947 (right)

The Carlsons developed and expanded their outdoor manufacturing facility in the heart of Kings Park Village from 1947 through 1973, but at the request of the town, moved to its current location at 140 Old Northport Road. Doing so allowed the village to use more land towards its revitalization efforts, and locate the Carlson business in a more suitable area.

The town recommended the area near the Huntington garbage dump and old incinerator. Due to its remote location and proximity to the landfill, railroad tracks, Sunken Meadow Parkway and other municipal landfill, this area was already buffered from residential development. This space developed into what we now know as the Kings Park Industrial area, providing critical functions to our town and residents.